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At Bickford Construction, Inc., you get a team of experienced contractors that can help in all aspects of your project from pre-construction through completion. We take pride in delivering results on every project in a timely manner and within budget. We also bring decades of relationships with key people involved in ensuring your projects go as smoothly as possible. We understand that the last thing you want is a headache or to spend more money than you planned on. With us, we make it a priority to ensure your project is completed without setbacks. 

Bickford Construction Inc. handles: 

  • Residential Construction: Custom homes, Subdivision tract homes, Tiny homes, Vacation property, and maintenance and service.
  • Commercial projects
  • New construction
  • Tenant improvements
  • Car dealership maintenance contract for any and all construction activity.

We oversee the course of construction from beginning to end, through project closeout. We also advise and make recommendations to the owners on costs, contracts, schedule, and construction issues.

About Paul Bickford

Paul Bickford has founded two companies, Bickford Construction, Inc. and Division 01. Division 01 focuses on providing top-notch construction project management and consulting services.
Bickford Construction, Inc. specializes in commercial and residential construction projects. His wealth of experience in the field and his strong leadership skills have allowed the company to flourish and gain the respect of peers and clients alike.

One of Paul’s proudest accomplishments is his family. His experience in the military has also played a significant role in shaping his character and work ethic. Paul has continually sought to improve his skills through trade courses in various areas, including computers, estimating, CPM scheduling, and accounting.

In his free time, Paul enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Heather, and their children and grandchildren. He also indulges in hobbies such as fly fishing and golf, finding relaxation and joy in these activities. Paul is active in the local Rotary.

When it comes to motivation, Paul never set out with a specific career path in mind. Instead, he followed the opportunities that presented themselves, ultimately finding success and fulfillment in the construction industry. His determination to provide for his family and pursue his passion for building have been the driving forces behind his dedication to learning and excelling in his profession.

Paul Bickford’s journey from a young high school worker to a respected and accomplished construction professional is a testament to his hard work, resilience, and commitment to excellence. His extensive experience and hands-on approach have made him a valued figure in the construction industry, and he continues to make a positive impact on the projects he undertakes. He also holds a strong passion for assisting veterans, with his companies actively contributing to various veteran-related initiatives.

About Colton Bickford

Colton Bickford is a seasoned construction professional with a deep-rooted passion for the trades. He embarked on his construction journey in 2004 when he started as a laborer for a local construction company. Having been exposed to construction from a young age due to his family’s long-standing involvement in the industry, Colton found himself naturally drawn to the world of building and fixing things. Construction runs in his blood, and his family’s legacy in the field has served as a driving force throughout his career.

Before delving into construction full-time, Colton considered a career in law enforcement due to his prior experience in a similar role during his time in the military. However, after careful consideration, he decided to follow his heart and pursue construction, where he felt most at home.

Colton’s career has been marked by numerous accomplishments that he takes immense pride in. He considers his family to be his greatest achievement along with being a property owner. Additionally, he successfully completed the Construction Management program, which equipped him with essential skills and knowledge to excel in his profession. His time in the United States Navy as a Master-at-Arms Nuclear Weapons Security Specialist also played a significant role in shaping his sense of direction and work ethic.

Over the years, Colton’s professional journey has taken him through various roles, including carpentry apprenticeship, solar installer, property management, HVAC sheet metal fabrication, and Concrete laborer. In 2018, he joined Bickford Ventures Inc., where he engaged in cherry farming and construction management. In 2022, Colton decided to focus his efforts entirely on Bickford Construction, where he played a pivotal role in handling residential and light commercial projects. In 2023 Colton and Paul created Bickford Construction inc. where he became majority owner.

Colton’s drive to learn his profession is deeply rooted in the influence of his father, who inspired him through his skillful craftsmanship. With a rich background, vast experience, and a commitment to continuous growth, Colton Bickford remains a valuable asset in the construction industry, leading Bickford Construction, Inc to new heights of success.

Message from owner, Paul Bickford:

“I have spent my life in Construction following generations before me. Starting out as a teenager after school, on weekends, and summers, I have enjoyed over 40+ years in residential and commercial construction as a craftsman, manager, and contractor. I have been fortunate that along the way, I was able to self perform a number of the construction trades. That experience has always helped me understand both the workers’ and the managers’ points of view, communicate better, and gain the respect of other tradesmen and contractors we worked with. I have always found excitement in completing impossible projects in impossible timelines under impossible budget constraints. But mostly, I appreciate the opportunity of mentoring and educating the next generation of construction workers who are truly an underestimated group of men and women.”

Supporting Veterans

When you contract with Bickford Construction, you are supporting our Veterans. A generous donation to Veteran foundations is made with each project. Our primary foundations are listed here. We also contribute through our active membership in Rotary International and Lions Club International.

Homes for our Troops, HFOT,

Semper Fi Fund,

Validation: Charity Navigator,


Member of Rotary International

Member of Lions International

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