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Licensed & Insured

Bickford Construction is a licensed general contracting company operating in both commercial & residential spaces throughout the Central Valley. We handle all interactions and communications between the owner and architect, sub-contractors, and other consultants. The project process is monitored on the owner’s behalf and we always work to ensure we complete on time and under budget.

At Bickford Construction, we are the conduit between all design and construction entities and the owner. If you’re planning a construction project and need a licensed contractor that’s reliable and has the experience you need to get your project done right, give us a call today. 


Bickford Construction has experience and knowledge of all general construction requirements for both commercial and residential buildings. First licensed in 1992 (#624843), our residential experience comes from residential remodeling new custom and multi-family homes. Our commercial projects include schools, fire stations, municipal buildings, city halls, parks, sports complexes, transfer stations, hotels, and metal buildings to name a few.

At Bickford Construction, we can ensure that all of the owner’s interests are monitored and protected. Our knowledge and experience in construction enables us to make sure that all construction requirements are being followed, that the budget is kept on track, and that the owner is kept informed of important issues. When you need a knowledgeable contractor for your commercial or residential project, reach out to Bickford Construction.

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Experience You Can Depend On

When you hire Bickford Construction, you are hiring a company with experience in all facets of construction. This experience means that we know what and how things need to be done.

We have 40+ years of experience ranging from concrete, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical. Our management experience ranges from project management for large commercial projects to residential custom homes.

It is these experiences that enable Bickford construction to competently oversee any small or large construction project, monitoring schedules, budgets, contractor payment requests, issue resolution, quality control, and more. Give us a call now to speak with an expert. 

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